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bullet Matthew J. Aresco' home page ( turtle conservation )
bullet The Gopher Tortoise Conservation
bullet Chelidia
bullet Lake Jackson Ecopassage
bullet World Chelonian Trust
bullet Turtles survival org
bullet Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation  
bullet Nederlandse Schildpadden Vereniging.Dutch site
bullet DGHT AG-Schildkroten (german site)
bullet Novia Scotia Turtles
bulletAustrian Turtle Society
bullet Stichting Schildpad (Dutch site)
bullet Turtles of the world
bulletNew York Turtle and Tortoise Society
bullet Box turtle care and conservation
bullet Irish Association of Tortoise Keepers
bullet Britisch Chelonia Group (tortoises)
bullet Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee
bullet Britisch Tortoise Trust
bullet Swiss Turtle and Tortoise Interest Group
bullet Matts-turtles org.
bullet San Diego Turtle & Tortoise Society
bullet CTTC: Califarnia turtle & tortoise club
bullet Chicago Turtle Club
bullet Turtle and Tortoise club of Florida
bulletCalifornia Turtle & Tortoise Club
bullet Reno Tur-Toise Club
bullet Rio Grande Turtle & Tortoise Club, New Mexico
bullet Tortoise Group, Las Vegas, Nevada
bullet Turtletimes
bullet Chelonian Conservation and Biology
bullet Gulf Coast Turtle and Tortoise Society
bullet Swiss Community of interest in turtles and tortoises  
bullet Mid-Atlantic turtle & tortoise society
bullet Ontario Turtle & Tortoise Society
bullet Turtlehomes
bullet Maryland state Diamondsback terrapins
bullet Village des tortues ( French site )
bullet Blanding's Turtle Management at Carpenter Nature Center
bullet Dutch turtle sanctuary
bullet BUND - Artenschutzprojekt - Sumpfschildkröte


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Homepages about Turtles

        Red ear sliders
bullet Danish tortoises page
bullet Slider Home page
bullet Elmer the last woolworth turtle
bullet Turtles Turf
bullet Red ear slider info
bullet Reslider's Swamp
bullet Robyns pon Turtle page
bullet Red ears silder Oasis
bullet Janice Turtle pond
bullet Rotwangschmuckschildkröten (German)
bullet Shell Schock

        Box Turtles

bullet Rodger’s American Box Turtle Page
bullet Pogo's pals ( box turtlepage)
bullet Bill's eastern box turtle page
bullet Box Turtle Research and Conservation Homepage
bullet Chinese Box Turtle Oakland Zoo
bullet The Asian Box Turtles
bullet The Desert Box Turtle, Terrapene ornata luteola
bullet Terrapene
bullet Mertle home page
bullet BE the box Turtle



       Turtles in general
bullet Petturtle
bullet Gorda's Turtle Tank
bullet Angela L. Nugent homepage
bullet David Kirk Patrick’s Turtle stuff
bullet Stefan Thierfelt home page(German site)
bullet Turtleguy
bullet The Turtle Pages
bullet Draybar's Turtle page 
bullet Turtlemania
bullet Introduction into turtlelogy
bullet Diamondback terrapins
bullet Emys Orbicularis page (in Polisch)
bullet The Matamata page
bullet Philip's home Page (dutch page)
bullet Austins turtle page
bullet chrysemys (German)
bullet Snapping turtle land
bullet turtleteam  (German)
bullet chelodina  (German)
bullet Elkes schildkröten seite (German)
bullet emys (German)
bullet Schuh's schildkröten seite (German)
bullet Clemmys

Homepages about Tortoises

English sites

Other language

bullet Slowcoach tortoise home page
bullet The Tlady's Hiding Place
bullet The Tortoise House
bullet Hermann Homepage
bullet Desert Tortoise
bullet Hatchling haven
bullet Red Footed Tortoise page
bullet Galapagos Tortoises
bullet Texas Tortoise
bullet Jamina's Turtle and Tortoise Pages
bullet Angonoka (about geohelone yniphora)
bullet Sulcata station
bullet American tortoise resceu
bullet Testudo Kleinmanni


bullet Philip's home Page (Belgian page)
bullet Schild en Vriend (Belgian page)
bullet villa-testudo (German)l
bullet Nabeulensis (testudo Greca ) (German)
bullet schildis-home (German)
bullet Schildkrötenfreunde  (German)
bullet Homepage von Daniel Raediker  (German)
bullet Mein schildkröte (German)
bullet Griechische Landschildkröten - Haltung und Vermehrung
bullet Happy-turtles (German)
bullet Tortoise pen (German)
bullet Unsere landschildkröten (German)
bullet Horsfieldi (German)
bullet Testudo marginata (German)
bullet Geochelone (German)
bullet La Casa Della Testudo hermanni (Italian)



bullet petidtags
bullet Malaysian Farm
bullet Cayman Island Turtle Farm
bullet Crystal palace
bullet Tennessee Aquarium  
bullet Australian Reptiles 
bullet Captive Bred Wildlife Foudation
bullet Collier County sea turtle program
bullet Mexican turtle center
bullet Turtletown
bullet Glades Herp Inc
bullet Pets-n-us
bullet Animals
bullet Au Délice Animal
bullet Reptilienzoo Regensburg



Parismina Turtle Commission

bullet San Marino Seaturtles
bullet Sea turtles restoration project
bullet Euro turtle
bullet Archie Carr Center for Seaturtle Research
bullet Sea World Sea Turtles
bullet Ridley turtles
bullet Bridge Seaturtles  
bullet Caribbian Conservation
bullet Marine life  
bullet Turtles of Honokowai  
bullet Marine Reptiles
bullet Pensacola Sea turtles
bullet Sea turtles in Florida waters
bullet Turtle survival game
bullet Seaturtles of Uruguay
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