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To learn more about turtles and tortoises, the following books are a very good guideline. Links to some Journals and Magazines (Click here)
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Turtles of the U.S. and Canada

Carl H. Ernst, Roger W. Barbour, and Jeffrey E.
Lovich 578 pages.
Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington and London ISBN: 1-56089-346-9

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Schildkroten 1

Manfred Rogner 1995. 120 color fotographs 192 pages.
ISBN 3-9804403-0-3
This is the first volume of two, covering the species : Chelydridae, Dermatemydidae and Emydidae.
Volume two covers all the other species, counts 265 pages and 200 color fotographs.

Schildkroten 2

This is the second part ,covering the species Kinosternidea, platysternidae, testudinidae, trionychidae, carettochelyidae, cheloniidae, dermochelidae, chelidae, pelomedusidae.
There are over 200 color foto’s and 265 pages
1996 Heidi-Rogner-Verlag
ISBN 3-9804403-1-1

Handbook of turtles: The turtles of the United States, Canada and Baja California
By Archie Carr 1952
Cornell University Press. Good book with many b/w pictures, illustations and maps.
542 pages. ISBN 0-8014-0064-3
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highfieldbook.JPG (18079 bytes) Encyclopedia of Keeping & Breeding Tortoises & Freshwater Turtles

By A.C. Highfield 1996.
many color and b&w foto's ,  295 pages
ISBN 1 873943 06 7 (soft cover)
ISBN 1 873943 11 03 (hard cover)
The role of captive breeding/ Eggs and incubation/ Designing and constructing an incubator/ Hatching and juvenile care/ Environmental maintenance/ Captive maintenance of aquatic and semi - aquatic species/ Dietary management and nutritional disorders/ Parasitic diseases/ Bacterial and viral diseases/ Species accounts in alphabetical order.
A Good book witch covers much about diseases, very usefull when you don't exactly know whats wrong.
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General Care and Maintenance of Popular Tortoises (The Herpetocultural Library Series)
Red-Eared Sliders
by Philippe De Vosjoli, a small 47 paged book with many drawings and pictures. This is an introductary book for people who want to start keeping turtles.
ISBN 1 882770 12 9
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rudlofbook.JPG (23692 bytes) Schildkroten

by Hans -Werner Rudloff 1990
a very good book containing many aspects of the turtle. The turtle in myth and culture/ keeping in captivity/hibernation/feeding/breeding/...
This is a book with many pictures and drawings very properly done.

ISBN 3 332 00345 3

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glassbook.JPG (12245 bytes) Die suesswasser schildkroten Europa's

by Glass Helmut and Walter Meusel 1994(original 1972)
contents : description/biotoop/species/feeding/breeding/keeping in captivity/
this book has been reprinted several times and is not always avalible
ISBN 3 89432 464 3 - der neue Bremm-Bucherei BD 418
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Turtles of the world

by Carl h. Ernst and Rodger W Barbour 1989
50 color pictures 143 b&w illustrations. 290 pages.
The first modern reference book covering all 257 species written for scientists and interested lay persons. It provides the essential biological information needed for further research and conservation

a very good book for determinig turtles
ISBN /0-87474-414-8 (hard cover)

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obstbook.JPG (12058 bytes) Schmuckschilkroten by Fritz Jurgen Obst 1985 reprint
47 pictures 3 tables 112 pages.
Was sind Schmuckschildkröten? / Körperbau und Funktion/ Lebensweise und Umweltbeziehungen/ Schmuckschildkröten als Heim- und Versuchstiere/ Schmuckschildkröten in der Kultur der Indianer/ Die Bedeutung der wissenschaftlichen Bezeichnungen der hier als gültig erachteten Schildkröten - Taxa/ Liste wissenschaftlicher Namen von Schmuckschildkröten aus älterer Literatur/ Literatur.
A great little book with nice color drawings of slider and cooters carapace and plastron
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aldertonbook.JPG (4276 bytes) Turtles and tortoises of the David Alterton
1988. 60 colour photographs. 40 black&white photographs. 11 line drawings. 192 p.
A much needed study of the chelonians-turtles, tortoises and terrapins. Describes their natural history, distribution, environmental importance and interaction with humans.-
ISBN: 0-7137-1970-2
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Die welt der Schildkroten
By Fritz Jurgen Obst
1985. numuros color and black and white foto's, drawings,235 pages
Cover all aspects of turtles from seaturtles to frech waterturtles
history of turtles/ turtles in there natural enviroment/ bodystructure and life in the wild/ turtles as pets and labanimals/ turtlesepcies/ turtles on stamps and coins/ ...
ISBN: 3-275-00855
floridabook.JPG (9183 bytes) Handbook of Reptiles and Amphibians of Florida
by Ray E. Ashton, Jr and Patricia Aston
Part two : Lizarts, Turtles & Crocodilians 1985/1991

This is the second book of a tree part book. Beutifull color fhotographs,along with species accountts which include descreptions, habitats, natural history and rage charts.
Detailed drawings emphasize characteristics which aid in identification
The other book are part one ; The snakes , and part two ; The Amphibians.
ISBN :0-89317-036-4
look at these parts
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ripplebook.JPG (4941 bytes) SEATUTLES By Jeff Ripple

1996. many colorpictures 84 pages y Jeff Ripple
Mostly a book with beautiflul pictures in it

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Schildkröten by Gerhard Müller

214 pages, 76 Color plates, 28 drawings.
Cover Land-,Swamp-,and Waterturtles in the terrarium
Turtles in Captivity, how to breed with Turtles, Feeding, Hibernation, Sickneses, Species discription

1987 Eugen Ulmer 
ISBN: 3-8001-7092-2

Australian Frechwaterturtles By John Cann
292 pages, many col. pictures and detaileddrawings. 
Australia houses some of the most interesting and unusual freshwater turtles in the world. The author discusses their biology: where they live, what they look like, what they eat, etc.
This is a book as it should be. It gives detailed information on the subject and offers some stunning pictures. An example for many autours. 
Isbn : 981-04-0686-x
Buy online at 
KOELTZ  / Amazone UK

Schildkröten by Andreas Nöllert

190 pages,many Black and white plates, some drawings
Covers every asspect of the land-, and water turtle

Landbuch Verlag
isbn : 3-7842-0342-6

MERTENSIELLA suplement to Salamandra
Proceeding of the EMMYS Symposium in Dresden 1996

Editors ; Uwe Fritz, Ulrich Joger, Richard Podloucky & Jean Servan

302 pages in this very interesting book that covers everything about the European Swamp Turtle Emmys Orbicularis.
some color plates mostly black and white, Drawings, tabels....

Isnb : 3-9801929-9-7 

Ernährung von Landschildkröten - Carolin Dennert

144 pages, 113 colorphote's, 27 Tabs and  und 17 Grafiken give a very good impression on how a tortoise schould be fed in captivity and what it eats in the wild. A very nice book on feeding and understanding the your tortoise needs.  German book

ISBN :3-93-1587-53-3 / Natur und Tier -verlag

Turtles and Tortoises  - Hartmut Wilke

Nice little book that cover the basic's on haw to keep a turtle or tortoise
This book is a translation from the German Autor. This book has been updated
alot and this is probebly the 5 reprint. This is one of the best selling books for people that want to know the basic's on how to keep a turtle. Many drawings and color pictures.
Paperback - 127 pages Reissue (1998)
Barron's Educational Series; ISBN: 0764151177

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What in the world is a “Turtle Wife”?

A turtle wife is just like a football or golf widow — except the operative word is now “turtle.”

The Turtle Wife’s spouse is totally obsessed with/fixated on/passionate about nature’s shelled wonders. There are a surprising number of us, and we put up with a lot from our significant others.

For instance, while the football, golf, and baseball widow gets dragged to the stadium, the golf links, or the ballpark, the turtle wife spends untold hours at the pet store, the reptile expo, and . . . sigh . . . even the pet wholesaler.


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