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Heating & Temperatur

The best temperature to keep turtles in, is about 20 to 32įC. Keeping them below or above these values will not harm them, as long as Itís only for a short period of time.  Not all turtles are alike.Some species require a higher temperature and lower humidity while others need a high humidity, a high temperature and fewer light. Keeping animals at a high temperature for a long time without the possibility of taking shelter in a cooler area or going into the cooler water, could kill the animal.Keeping them at a cooler temp and feeding the animals could be harmful as well. The animals donít digest their food because of the colder temperature, a part of the food stays in the water and makes the water dirty.Take all these features together and some animals could die because their natural resistance canít function optimally. In nature, temperatures rise and go down, with the highest temperature at mid day, and the lowest temperature in the early morning.Try to give your animals the same cycle of light and heat in their tank. (see: lightning) . Placing a turtle tank in a room where thereís no heat, isnít a good idea;Try to putt the tank at room temperature (about 20įc). This way, you wonít need a water heater when your tank is covered up right.These heaters are dangerous and should not be used for turtles. The risk exists that the heater gets broken by the animals. This can have deadly consequences for the turtle but as well for a person making contact with the electrified water.  A slightly higher temperature sometimes  does miracles to a sick animal. If a turtle has a respiratory problem, sending up he air temperature a little, increases the recovery of the animal. The right temperature is essential for a turtles well being and long life.Turtles need heat (sunlight) to live a healthy live.Because this are cold blooded animals, they need to kept warm to function normally. Keeping them at lower temperatures will move back the normal body functions and will eventually kill the animal.A light of 40-60 watts should hang over the basking area, so the turtle can warm up and go into the water again to cool down when itís getting to hot.Therefore, the air temperature should always be higher than the water temperature. Turtles exposed to draughts of cold air risk respiratory infections, even if the water temperature is high enough. Turtles swimming in heated water will com up to breath the cooler air. This can cause diseases as well. Make sure, if you do intend to use a heater, that itís fully submerged and that you place it somewhere the turtles canít reach it. You can either put it between a glass strip glued into the corners of the tank, either somewhere else where animal canít get in contact with it.