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No matter how big or how good the filter is, water change will always be necessary and is very essential for turtles living in captivity. Biological and mechanical filtration will keep the water clean for a short period of time but the water quality will gradually deteriorate. Changing 50% of the water once a week is more than enough, but an overall water change will have to be made every month or so. Again much depends on how messy the animals made the tank, how many times you feed the animals and on what type of filter you will use. Clean the filter itself with the weekly water change. Make sure when you fill up the tank with fresh water, the temp of the water is about the same as the remaining water in the tank.
Filters come in all size and shapes.
  • Canister filter
    These are the most used filters for larger aquaria. These filters are put on the outside of the tank and have outflow and inflow tubes, which bring water from the tank into the filter and back into the tank. These types are very expencive,but get the job done very well. They are very easy to clean. Just make sure that the inflow tubes can't get out of the water, because this will cause the filter to suck air instead of water and so may damage the filter. Also make sure that the outflow tube stays inside the tank or you'll have an empty filter and a very wet floor.
  • Submergible sponge filters

    These filters are very useful for small tanks. They can be used in tanks for juveniles and hatchlings. These filters have to be cleaned very often which is very easy. The sponges itself have to be replaced regular.


  • Internal filters
     These filters are powered by a pump. The filter itself is constructed into the aquarium. It can be constructed when a aquarium is made or one can build one in an existing tank. These filters are also very easy to clean,  there are no tubes and water leaks are impossible. Save space in the tank by creating them under the land area or create a extra land area with the filter.


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  1. Eheim filters

  2. Fluval filters

  3. Renaissance filters